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Artist Statement

This artist has a lifelong dedication to traditional art since a noticeably young age, as she was raised around farm life and nature completely. She applied these early surroundings to her art from the start. And learned quickly that art also was a way for her to work through the hardships she faced through childhood.

But her teen years tested her by forcing her to be intuitive by who & what she allowed to influence her art. Also staying creative through the ups & downs that come with teen years. She tried figuring out how to make her art hers. Refusing to obey traditional schooling techniques, she relies only on her own self-taught, raw knowledge.

Soon she realized utilizing art into her teenage and adult years would send her on making changes to every aspect of her life. Her art is now based around her love for medical/nature vectors, philosophy, anatomy, & keeps her roots with adding nature as well. She loves to stay well versed in many subjects & themes to prevent her from getting bored & niching down.

Staying curious was the only philosophy she had, and it has brought her to owning her own art business, spreading things in the name of knowledge in this world, and advancing her skill in every way possible. Making it the reason her slogan for her business is ‘Seek Curiosity’.

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