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Artist Statement

Aerial Lange has had a lifelong passion for making art since she was a 5-year-old child. Since this time, it has always been a way for her to explore the curiosities & hardships of her life.

Aerial was raised to use the tools at her disposal, instead of worrying about what she did not have. Even when it seemed like she did not have much. A lesson her Cajun grandparents taught by example on their farm her whole childhood. As well as her parents nurturing the artistic ability they saw in their daughter. These resourceful cognition traits & quick problem-solving skills helped her curiosity thrive; to then fuel her drive for art.

These skills are what she relies on daily, to not only be an artist, but to get through life. This consistent habit of seeing the light in the darkness is the exact perspective she started applying to her art. Taking dark, anatomical, gore subjects & making them into symbols of enlightment, advice, & hope. Despite what you see at first glance. While still staying well versed in various kinds of subjects to prevent from niching down & getting bored.

Now Aerial’s mission is to rely on that same intuitive curiosity that led her on this journey in the first place. While spreading a healing of sorts through the deeper meanings of her art.

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