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MetaHeist Art Gallery Game

Fight your way to steal art around dozens of diverse galleries while in the metaverse. The picture shown is just a glimpse of what my own personal gallery looks like in the game. Don't let that skeleton fool you because he's there to protect my art from anyone who comes near.

Read about my background, art journey,  my struggles, & more!

Canvas Rebel Article

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Past Commissions

Contact me if you are interested in a commission of your own!

Prices vary greatly depending complexity, size, time, & product usage.


Triple Leo Commission

This client wanted me to portray his triple leo zodiac signs, and his love for geometry & literature. Every detail in this piece come from these 3 details they wanted. Such a honor to create a vision like this!

Commission Price Sheet

50% deposit of the final price will need to be paid upfront before work is started













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