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Experience the Magic of Commissioned Artwork!

Unlock your imagination and create something unique with Aerial! Her custom artwork commissions will help you make your personal vision or feeling come to life. Let Aerial help you express yourself through her stunning artworks.


Step 1: 

Gather your vision from what you would like for me to create for you. The main details I will need to know is the  main subject, important details, & color or black & white. Gathering references may help as well.


Step 2:

Now that you have your vision, you can contact me through here, social medias (linked in various spots on this site), or through email which is also linked around my site.

Long Live Christian Commission.jpeg

Step 3: 

The final step is discussing size which then determines the price. Each commission is unique so pricing can vary dpending the complexity or detail needed to provide your perfect vision. Pricing chart below can guide you to a rounded price.

4x4 - $55                                   4x6 - $65

5x8 - $85                                   6x6 - $100

9x12 - $200                               12x12 - $300

50% deposit of the final price must be paid upfront before work may begin

Here are some of my past commissions. Double click to get a closer look. 
Also make sure to check out my portfolio in the menu bar above to see what else I can do

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